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2016 Training Calendar

All pricing and registration information is available below.

Aug 30, 2016

MindSet Instructor Re-Certification

Thomson, GA
(McDuffie County Schools)


Sept 20, 2016

Mindset Instructor Re-Certification

Moultrie, GA
(Colquit County Schools)


Oct 4-7, 2016

Mindset Initial Instructor Certification & Instructor Re-Certification

Atlanta, GA
(Metro GNETS)


Oct 20, 2016

Mindset Instructor Re-Certification

Atlanta, GA
(Metro GNETS)


Dec 6-9, 2016

Mindset Initial Instructor Certification & Instructor Re-Certification

Atlanta, GA
(Metro GNETS)



Instructor Certification
Four days
(Valid for one year)

$1095 per participant


Initial Instructor Re-Certification
One and a half days
(After initial year of certification,
valid for an additional two years)

$325 per participant


One day
(After three years of certification,
valid for additional two years)

$225 per participant


Curriculum Certification
Two days
Group size not to exceed 15 participants.
(Valid for one year)

$3500 per group


Curriculum Re-Certification
One day

$1750 per group



Workshops are filled on a first come, first serve basis. A deposit of $275 is required to secure space in any instructor Certification training. Make check or money order payable to MindSet, 18 Mt. Vernon Circle, Asheville, NC 28804.

Please contact Marshall Siler with any questions or concerns.

Phone: 828-775-5054, Email: info@mindsetconsulting.net

To register, please:

Call Marshall Siler at 828-775-5054, or
E-mail him at info@mindsetconsulting.net, or
Use the easy online registration form below.

We will contact you immediately upon receipt of your registration form to confirm your training dates and provide you with additional details.

Online Registration:

* Some information is required. All information will be kept strictly confidential. We never divulge your information to any other party for any reason.

*Your Name:

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*Organization or Business Name:

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*Phone #:


Please select:

Initial Certification


Please select the training dates you prefer:


Please describe the quality and frequency of the risk management experiences that are currently being used at your facility to handle aggressive individuals:

If you are participating to become a certified MindSet Training Curriculum Instructor, please estimate how many co-workers in your organization you would be responsible for certifying in the future:


Do you have any physical concerns that might limit your participation in this training? If so, please list them.